Sanitary Napkins Manufacturing

Safe and superior sanitary napkins manufacturing for women's healthy lives

Primary Business

Integrated quality management industry that puts quality first in the process of delivering safe and excellent sanitary napkin products to consumers for women's healthy lives
Specializing in the manufacturing of sanitary pad and providing OEM and ODM services, we strive to earn satisfaction and trust through high-quality products.

We abide by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Principles.

1. One main objective of quality management is to ensure that all of our clients' needs are met and even beyond.
2. We achieve goals and manage organizational plannings, policies, processes, and resources through active participation of personnel to provide excellent-quality and best service.
3. We maintain current levels of performance, respond to changes in internal and external conditions, and create new opportunities.

Production Site Operations - Smart Factory

1. Resiliency and technical capability to apply precise data analytics to the design phase
2. We are committed to efficiently managing the production environment, resource allocation, production forecasting, facility work planning, real-time work allocation, and manpower management.

Logistics Warehouse - Smart Logistics Warehouse Support

1. From warehousing to packing, taping, and loading, we fulfill the agility, optimization, compatibility, and connectivity needed to make influential decisions on a real-time, running basis.