Spread the Quality of Life, Fill Up the Value

Our mission is to display cutting-edge creations that are the result of ambitious
technological development and persistent dedication.

Challenges and Accomplishments as a Manufacturing Company!

Innovation sparks with small attainable changes!
With innovation and a love of challenge, we will build a brand that can compete anywhere in the world.
We will create a new culture and value of daily supplies.

Established in 2002, Joongwon Company has developed into a business that manufactures, brands, sells, and distributes daily necessities with the goal of enhancing consumers' quality of life. In addition, we will introduce a fresh paradigm of life, beginning with the manufacturing business in 2017, allowing for an even larger massive leap ahead.

Creating a life culture value by implementing it faster than a word!

As a consequence of our honest procedures, we will be a corporation that is heard. Our objective is to accomplish technical competitiveness in a fair process that customers can accept and easily utilize with quick practice rather than a word.

We are perfecting our customer service abilities by creating products that put the needs of our customers first. Without becoming complacent, we will always do everything we can to help improve the quality of life for our clients in whatever ways we can. Thank you.

CEO    Kwon   Guem   Joo